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Paph. dianthum

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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
I need to face the fact that I am not growing this plant as it should be grown. So...

This is a seven growth plant. One growth is in bud (only one, the second blasted because of the high temperatures last week), two growths are previously bloomed. Three growths are near maturity and there is a new smaller growth.

I have been spot treating this plant for a slight case of soft-scale for a few months. It is not a major issue, IMO, and I haven't sprayed the plant because it has been in sheath/spike/bud for so long. However, I would suggest the next owner repot and spray the plant well as soon as it is done blooming, and isolate it until you are sure that the problem is arrested for good.

I would LOVE to get $60 for this plant, as this species is not often seen available at this size, but if you feel that is too high because of the the slight scale issue, make me an offer and it will be considered.

Here's a pretty recent photo.

I've several dianthum's but not one that looks as good as yours
Keep it !
kentuckiense said:
Read: Oncidium Sharry Baby

No, I think it's more like miltonias and frilliest cattleyas available.
She will also trade for malipoense and pink paphs--the pinker the better!

(I'm just teasing, please don't give Heather any of these.)