Paph delenatii album - leaf color?

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I was just looking at my community pot of delenatii album, and noticed that there are dark purple markings under the leaves... not as much as my typical form delenatii, but the pigment is definitely present. I don't grow many albinos, but my understanding was that albino plants are typically albino across the entire plant, not just the bloom.

I have also heard that sometimes albino plants have pigmentation in the leaves but none in the bloom....

What has your experience been with delenatii album? I'm hoping that the flask that I bought wasn't mislabeled (or worse).

As Ever,
Matthew Gore
Matt, all the ones i have and the ones i have seen (including the semi-album) have had no pigmentation at all in the leaves.

Me too....

I just took some photos to send to the vendor.



I actually noticed the pigment quite some time ago, I just didn't stop to think about the implications. I emailed the vendor, I guess I'll wait and see what they say.

- Matt
Looking at them now, in natural light, they seem to have just as much pigment as any other delenatii.

- Matt
The only Paphiopedilum species I have heard of that has albinistic blooms on non-albinistic plants is P. emersonii. I have heard of now two different clones of P. emersonii album. Both had pigmented foliage and albinistic flowers. All other albinistic Paphiopedilums I have heard of and seen have had both albinistic flowers and foliage.

It is more common to have albinistic foliage with non-albinistif flowers.
Yep, mine are pretty clearly not albinos. Lame. That makes this the world's most expensive standard delenatii flask, I guess... if they even are delenatiis.

Luckily, this vendor has been pretty good about fixing problems in the past, so I don't expect a complete loss.

- Matt
lienluu said:
The smallest one had a 13cm leafspan on a single growth plant.

excellent. mine has a 15 cm leafspan and it has 2 growths. So I guess it really is flowering size then. My regular delenatii was much larger when it flowered.
kentuckiense said:
Regular delenatiis are still pretty. :eek:

I would love to have a whole compot of delenatii. I probably will once I have the space. ~ 5 years probably
The leaves are narrow, and shiny, and the plants are awul 'tall' at the waist. They look like a hybrid to me. Could be your growing conditions...if you have lower light conditons.

Looking pretty healthy, 'though.

Albino plants have no red color.....ANYWHERE.