Paph Colomberie 'Judith Anne' Hcc/AOS

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Just me!
Jun 7, 2006
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Ontario, Canada
Named after my own Mommy.:smitten: I had this awarded about two years ago. The cross is sukhakulii x Redstart. It is more of a rich plum colour with a white undertone...not red. Very hard to capture with the camera.
This is the 2nd only clone of this cross I have seen or heard of. The other was one owned by the Eric Young Foundation and awarded by the RHS many years ago. Both have almost identical shape. The ERF plant was a little darker but I like yours very much. Does anyone know of others of the cross have been shown???
An absolutely stunning flower (plum, wonderful!!), love the shape too. I can see why you got an award, good growing Wendy.
Wendy, that's a really nice, striking contrast between the staminode colour and the rest of the flower. I can't see any colour breaks either. Are you bringing that along to the judging this Saturday?
I am going to have to be sure to save some pollen from my suk when it finally blooms for me. It sure imparts some very nice things to the plants it is crossed to.