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They are if you purchase them from Hengduan Biotech. You can even get copies of the CITEs from China.

Actually not at all, but few people realize.... If you buy from Hengduan Biotech, and get a copy of the CITES from China, the plants are illegal....

You need to buy the plants from the US Importer mentioned on the CITES, with a copy of the CITES from China. Simply because the US Importer became the owner of the plants when he imports them, paid the taxes and duties at the real price, etc... on Hengduan prices. So only the importer can sell them to you..

Hengduan or any Non-US or Non-EU entity are fully and totally not allowed to sell in the USA or Europe, it is a tax fraud otherwise... Only an US Business, or an EU Business can sell inside the USA or inside Europe, and issue legal invoices. So you need a local invoice for the plant to be legal...

This was overlooked for years, but trust me on that, it has changed very recently even if the laws were there and applicable since ages.
Finally was able to purchase paph canhii:

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Now I just have to hope I can keep them alive.

Like Canh said, I find growing them hot in the summer and cold in the winter works. I’m a very heavy handed waterer and mine do quite well with summers in the 28-35°C range and winters as cold as 5°C. They get bright shade in the summer, then sit about a foot below some weak LED strips in the winter. They’re planted in coconut chunks, but that was mostly because I ran out of bark/perlite the day I was planting. I’ll probably switch them to bark this spring.
In their habitat - they grow at altitude from 1500m and the temp between day and night so different (hot during the day and cold during the night, very cold in winter)
Hi, thank you for your answer. What do you mean when you say « very cold in winter » ? How cold can it be? And how hot during the day?
Don’t mean to hijack the thread, but since there is canhii discussion I thought I’d see what maturation times people have found for them? The middle pod is around 8months now, and to my eye looks about ready. Thoughts?


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For anyone interested, the pod had great looking brown seed. I would suggest probably the ideal green pod time is around 7 months. That may vary a bit depending on your local temperatures. I’ll post the results of the 3 mother flasks sown at some point.

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