Paph bellatulum

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Jun 8, 2006
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Albany, N.Y. USA

The above is a plant that I bought bare root at the Redland Orchid Festival on the 19th of May of this year. The first vendor that I went to on opening day was Oli Leng Sun Orchids of Penang, Malaysia. I was the first one threw the box of bare root bellatulums. Found this one in low bud with a super small start. I bought this one along with a second one. I told Donna, if this indeed is in spike it may not make it due to it's long trip in a dark box from Malaysia to here. It did indeed flower for me a few days ago. The flower is on the small size but the shape is nice. No clonal names were listed on the tag. Just as a side note. I just received 2 small compots of niveum from Stephen (Silence) He also included 3 seedling of a bellatulum cross that Orchid Inn did. It will be fun to see what they turn out looking like. Any one else out there growing a nice cross of bellatulum?

Thanks for looking!
I am with Rick, the more smears and swirls the better. Sam Tsui recently said it is not too far away that we will have a completely vini color bellatulum!!!!!!! I wish bellatulums liked me more!