Paph armeniacums 'Main Street' and 'Franklin St.'

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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
My armeniacums are all open, the large one (Main Street) opened a few days ago though the pouch is still pretty dented and the smaller plant (Franklin St.) opened yesterday. The smaller plant has a smaller flower though the pouch is much smoother and more regular in shape than the larger one. Smaller plant and flower also has a longer spike for some reason. I named the second one 'Franklin St.' since that is where Rice's Orchids and this plant came from.

The larger one has a nice lemony sort of fragrance, but the smaller one doesn't have one yet.


a closeup of both; 'Main Street' on left, 'Franklin St.' on right
the larger flower was pretty dented, don't remember if the previous flower looked this way though I don't remember it like that before
'Franklin St.' plant has more of a green tint to it, 'Main Street' is deep yellow all the way through


side view of both showing size and shape differences


closeup of 'Main Street'


closeup of 'Franklin St.'


whole plant 'Franklin St.'

I love that deep yellow color! :D:D:D:cool:
Ok Im stupid. Cant open the photos.

relax, you aren't stupid... I just tried to upload some pictures to the site where those images are, and the whole netfirms site is offline. hopefully it will be back up soon :confused:

the main street plant pouch was pretty warped, and there were a few spots on one side that looked like water spots. the whole bottom of the pouch has this deep groove upwards into the pouch which I've never seen before in a slipper orchid. the stigmatic shield was even stuck partly behind part of the upper ring of the pouch. if the pouch had 'inflated' properly, it would have been huge!

about temps, the main street plant was in my kitchen window which must have gotten down to the low 50's high 40's (F˚) as those windows aren't sealed very well. the franklin st. one was under lights, and I don't think it got below 60˚ at any time, which baffles me that after seeing it's normal winter lows how it would decide to flower. maybe it is one of those 'last gasp' flowerings and is going to croak after this :( hopefully not
I think the problem with the Main Street pouch is cultural. It's one of mine and the only ones I've ever (until this year) sold are divisions of one that bloomed for me and it had no problems. It's a very good grower and a reliable bloomer.

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