Paph. (Alchemy ‘Titanic’ x Sorcerer’s Stone ‘Enchanted Orb’

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It's like winning a lottery with these complex hybrids.
Majority will be good average, and many will be duds one way or another. Only few will be very good to wow.
That's why we keep shopping 🤣
I love the colors, it looks like a Valerie Tonkin. I would bloom it again. I’ve found complexes to be extremely variable year-to-year, so it may improve significantly on the next blooming.
I just bought 3 rando blooming size complex paphs from Hillsview Gardens (it was a deal) and I want some trustworthy plants that bloom every year for the sake of being pretty since most of my paphs still have several years to go. I am really hoping for a yellow or white one! I love the bulldog look, but so many look just like that. I really love those yellow (or green) with a white band. I think you are lucky because that is a really nice-looking paph!
It opened, and is honestly unimpressive, especially considering the size of the bud. With its two parents, I expected more (maybe I just have no taste!). First bloom, so maybe it will improve.
I think it's pretty impressive! At least it looks really nice to me. But I'm not an orchid judge, I just know what I like.

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