P. supardii: Who's bloomed it?

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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
Care to share information on culture, lighting, and how large it was when it first bloomed? I'm getting anxious about mine. It is now a three growth plant, one mature with two newer starts which I thought were growing surprisingly fast until I looked up the dates I noticed them and it's been almost a year.

At any rate, it has been one of my pet plants and has been getting primo treatment in the lighting department all summer. Is it too much to expect it to bloom in the next year?
Mine bloomed this summer Heather.

I think the light level was higher than it needed (very bright, 2000+fc peak). It was next to my philippinense, and the leaves were often very pale.

It had just started its first new growth when it spiked. Since its bloomed, I have backed down the light, by putting it behind some bigger plants. Another phili and my kolo, and the leaves have gotten much darker.

On an anual basis the plant will spend winter nights in the low 60's/high 50's, and daylenght will of course be less in the winter.

I cut watering a bit in winter, but not drastically. There is oyster shell in the potting mix.
Couldn't say Heather. I know that tends to bring allot of phals into winter bloom, and we've been having some cool nights here in TN already.

But I would suggest a more longterm set of cold nights in Dec/Jan rather than now.
Hi Heather,

I bloomed mine last October. It was in a 6 inch pot with 4 growths. I hope it blooms again this year. The largest growth was 20 inches across. The culture was the same as the bulk of my multiflorals.

below is a picture of the flowers:

Hey Heather—so almost three years later, did your pet supardii ever bloom for you...? Has it become, hopefully, a regular bloomer...?