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May 27, 2007
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Hi guys, my wife and I took a trip to J&L orchids today to see what they had. I had planned on buying a Neo. and my wife said she didn't want anything, that we have to save up to build the house. Well, I got my Neo and she bought a Restrepia contorta and a Sedirea japoncia. Here are some pics.

There was a neo that had flowers about 1 1/2 times the size of this neo but the spurs were twisted wierd. There were also ones with smaller flowers but I'd guess this one is the normal size. I think this one had a really nice form.

Here is the Restrepia, all I have to say about these is I LOVE THEM! I have always loved restrepias, the flowers are really cool looking

And this is the Sedirea japonica. We picked this one because it had 2 inflorescence. Anyone have any cultural hints for this one, or should we just treat it like a phal? Also are they prone to crown rot like phals?
Here is a better pic of the neo. This is actually my first one, but I can see why people want all the different kinds, just by looking at the different ones that were there...

Yeah, I like them, I got some dracs from em a while back and they sent nice ones.
when I got my sedirea a few months ago, I was told by the vendor to treat it just like a phal, but that it would also tolerate more light if I so desired. so far it's doing well.
Heather, I am in GUilford, CT. About 45 mins away from J&L.

Slipperfan, the Restrepia I am guessing has 2 forms, a lighter one with yellow and this red form. The tag says red on it and when I looked at the plant on Orchidspecies.com, it showed the more yellow color form on the synsepal.
Yeah Heather, I'd say so too. I just hope I can get it to rebloom, I just had a phal rebloom for me for the first time ever (I've been growing since I was 14, so 11 years now!) I never liked to grow them before because I could never rebloom them, but my wife wanted one so we got one and it actually flowered again, I was amazed. I can't get over the smell of the sedirea and the Neo. They are my 2 new favorite fragrant orchids. I can just leave the flowers up to my nose all day long and never get tired of the fragrance. And I thought the Neo had a pretty nice smell during the day until I let my dog out around 9 and went over and smelled it...WOW!!!!!
Sedirea was actually the very first plant I got to spike in my conditions. I grew it like a phal as well. Better than a phal, actually. :)

then she hit the oncidiums like they were going out of style.....
I like J&L for their Plueros, the ones that are established are nice. It's a haul from the City but their sales events are nice. Those are some of the nicest plants I've seen from J&L and I think the Neo is thru assoc w/ Cal-Orchids!?
Yeah Eric, it's definitely not theirs, you can tell from the pot, they don't use pots like that, they do have smaller ones that are theirs though. The Sedirea isn't theirs either. When I lived in Mamaroneck, it was actually a little closer than from guilford, it shouldn't take that long to get there from NY. What I didn't realize is that Venamy orchids was so close, or that it was even there. If I had known that......They have a lot of nice stuff there, you wouldn't even know from their website though.
Eric, that might be the one. It's off of 684 in Brewster on rt 22 north. They have a pretty big selection of plants there, especially paphs and phrags, species and hybrids. Like I said, you really wouldn't know from their website. It's a pretty cool place to go.
Look at what I saw today when I was looking at this one, a double flower!