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I got to meet Sam today and picked up some flask and a BS plant.

Paph. Sanderianum x Sib ('Twister' x 'Henry'), BS

Flasks List:
- OIN0014 Paph. Prince Edward of York (Sanderianum 'Lady in Red' x Rothschildianum 'Leo' SM/JOGA)
- OIN008 Wossner Black Wings (Rothschildianum 'Red Sea' x Adductum var. anitum 'Ace' AM/AOS)
- OIN0100 Paph. Stonei 'The Best' x Johanna Burkhart 'Strokes of Midnight' FCC/AOS
- OIM0079 Paph. Michael Koopowtiz (Philippinense 'Super Long Twister' x Sanderianum '90+')
- OIP0020 Paph. Rothschildianum x Sib ('Giant Wings' GM/WOC x 'X-Hot' SSM/JOGA)
- OIZ403 Paph. Rothschildianum x Sib ('New Horizon' FCC/AOS x 'Raptor' GM/JOGA)

He also gave me this flask for free, OIH0126 Paph. Susan Booth (glanduliferum var. gardineri 'Dark Storm' x rothschildianum 'Perfection' GM/JOGA, FCC/AOS)

Very nice guy and can't wait to order from him again ^.^

A very smart thing to do, you did!! You have good taste of paphs!! Where did you see sam?
Sam is on his way to Toronto today. He happened to be driving by my place (About 10 mins from my house) so I drove down to meet him at a Tim Horton's just off the 401.
you are going to have fun!

fyi when u deflask you dont have to separate the plants. just pot up the whole puck w agar intact and stick under a humidity dome with an opening for air.much easier.on the tender plantlets this way. you can also crack open the lid for 48 hours first to let them start hardening off.

btw u should also repot that sand right away ;) then keep roots quite moist at all times.
yeah maybe scrape a little off the edge under some running water but it will.eventually all dissolve away in a few weeks. you will have a much better success rate by not bruising the leaves and breaking roots.

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