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Mar 4, 2010
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Columbus Ohio
Starting fresh from my 2023 thread...

Lots of good things coming into bud and bloom now, lots of lowii, roths, etc.

Based on feedback from forum members last year, I made some changes including greatly increasing my feeding frequency. I am now feeding a 1/4 tsp of 30-10-10 at almost every watering (2x weekly). In the past I was very lazy about feeding, maybe twice a month. This year I am seeing a huge difference with increased plant growth, clumping plants with multiple spikes, higher flower count, and best of all, nearly 100% reduction in browning/dying back leaf tips on my roths. It has made a huge difference.

Anyway, on with the show.

Paph Salty 'Val' HCC/AOS. Probably the best I've ever bloomed it. The green will fade and flowers will turn completely white soon.
Salty Val 2024 - Copy.jpg

Paph Jack Tonkin 'Val's Choice' AM/AOS. Also looking good this year and on its way to white.
jack tonkin vals choice 2024 - Copy.jpg

Paph haynaldianum, this clone is believed to be the wild type species from an old Ray Rands import. Compact plant. Very lighty purple-infused flowers--lovely!
haynal sp 2024 - Copy.jpg

And now some line-bred haynaldianums, 'High Color' x 'Ron' from an Orchid Inn flask. I have a bunch of these plants which have been spiking for several years, and the plants are starting to get quite large.

haynal 2024 - Copy.jpg

hanal second 2024 - Copy.jpg
Love that Salty ‘Val’, don’t see enough complexes on here. Those line bred haynaldianums are stunning, congrats! Still waiting on mine to bloom….
Latest update...

My monster lowii has four spikes this year (plant photo from end of December). It's impossible to photograph the whole thing in bloom, as the inflorescences are 7' across tip to tip.

Not the best flower quality, but this plant grows like a beast and puts on a great show. Some years it stays in bloom continuously throughout the year. As one spike finishes another is starting. This year it has four spikes all at once. There are usually five flowers per spike, but is has done six.

There is almost no medium in the pot. It is nothing but roots. I water it several times a week into a drip tray.

Final note, I have been growing this plant for 24 years!

monster lowii - Copy.jpg

lowii flower - Copy.jpg

Lots of lowii seedlings coming up as well. These are from an Orchid Inn flask of New Horizon x Grand Masterpiece. These have been blooming with very good quality.

lowii seedlings - Copy.jpg

We are also starting to ramp up another good roth season...

roth budz - Copy.jpg

The roths are gearing up for another great season.

First up is rothschildianum 'Sheila' HCC/AOS. This is a relatively recent award to what i feel is one of the best clones from Charles E x Borneo. The pictures honestly do not do this plant justice. The dorsal is just stunning in real life.

sheila 2024 - Copy.jpg

sheila 2024 close - Copy.jpg

Next up is a first bloom from an Orchid Zone cross of 'Chester Hill' x 'Red Baron'. I grew out a half-flask of these many years ago, and now some of the smaller plants are starting to bloom. I could not be happier with this one--four very dark flowers/buds on a strong stem, with nicely balanced form.

roth cb x rb 2024 - Copy.jpg

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