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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
These guys ROCK.

I ordered a $18 phrag seedling - Magdalene Rose 'Mother' 4N x besseae 'Paute'
advertised as 2-4" and set to bloom in several years. I got, for that price, a 25" "seedling" in spike. :)

This is not unusual for Joan and Mark. I'd never hesitate to recommend these guys. Monster plants for excellent prices.

Thanks Joan!!
Thats a pretty slick web site. Probably one of the best I've seen, orchid vendor wise.

Here's a pic of my monster "2-4 inch" seedling. :rollhappy:
I got my order from Mark and Joan at Orchidaceae. Thanks for enabling me,again, Heather.:poke: The plants were in absolutely great shape! Here's my haul:
1. Compot of Paph barbigerum 'Joan' HCC/AOS x self - Got a compot instead of a flask because Mark noticed my angst about shipping flasks. Nice healthy seedlings.
Plus the following divisions
2. Paph barbigerum 'Joan' HCC/AOS in bud!

3. Paph Betty Bracy 'Springtime' AM/AOS - Big Division

4. Paph Swallow 'Karyn' AM/AOS

5. Paph Harbur 'Perfection' HCC/AOS Mine is still small, so I got this one for insurance. One of my favoroite complex Paphs.

6. Paph Fox Creek 'Maybrook' HCC/AOS

All these were at fair, reasonable prices and then they throw in two more special plants to boot!