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Jun 7, 2006
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I found these in: Greatwood, J. et al. The Handbook on Orchid Nomenclature and Registration, Fourth Edition. London: International Orchid Commission, 1993.

ACO - Asociacion Costaricense de Orquideologia (Orchid Society of Costa Rica)
AEO - Asociacion Ecuatoriana de Orquideologia (Orchid Society of Ecuador)
AGO - Asociacion Guatemalteca de Orquideologia (Orchid Society of Guatemala)
AMO - Asociacion Mexicana de Orquideologia (Mexican Orchid Association)
ANOS - Australian Native Orchid Society
AOC - Australian Orchid Council
AOS - American Orchid Society
CAOB - Coordenadoria das Associacaes Orquidofilas do Brasil (Council of the Orchid Societies of Brazil)
CFOS - Central Florida Orchid Society
CLO - Latin American Orchid Council
CSA - Cymbidium Orchid Society of America
DOG - Deitsche Orchideen-Gesellschaft (German Orchid Society)
DOSA - Disa Orchid Society of South Africa
HOS - Honolulu Orchid Society
JOS - Japan Orchid Society
KOS - Kenya Orchid Society
MNEOS - Manchester & North England Orchid Society (see also NEOS)
MOS - Malayan Orchid Society (see also OSSEA)
NEOS - North of England Orchid Society (formerly MNEOS - q.v.)
NMQOC - North Moreton Queensland Orchid Council
NOOS - New Orleans Orchid Society
NSW - Orchid Society of New South Wales
NZOS - New Zealand Orchid Society
OCNZ - Orchid Council of New Zealand
OCSA - Orchid Club of South Australia
ODC - Orchid Digest Society
OOG - Osterreichische Orchideen-Gesellschaft (Austrian Orchid Society)
OSGB - Orchid Society of Great Britain
OSROC - Orchid Society of the Republic of China (Taiwan)
OSSA - Orchid Society of South Africa
OSSC - Orchid Society of Southern California
OSSEA - Orchid Society of South East Asia (formerly MOS - q.v.)
OST - Orchid Society of Thailand
OSWA - Orchid Society of Western Australia
QOS - Queensland Orchid Society
RHS - Royal Horicultural Society
RHT - Royal Horicultural Society of Thailand
SAOC - South African Orchid Council
SEPOS - Southeastern Pennsylvania Orchid Society
SFO - Societe Francaise d'Orchidophile (French Orchid Society)
SFOS - South Florida Orchid Society
SIO - Societa Italiana Orchidee (Italian Orchid Society)
SOG - Schweizerische Orchidee-Gesellschaft (Swiss Orchid Society)
STOCQ - Sub-Tropical Orchid Council of Queensland
SVCN - Sociedad Venezolana de Ciencias Naturales (Venezuelan Society of Natural Sciences)
VKC - V.K.C. Proefstation voor de Bloemisterij (The Royal Dutch Orchid Society)
TASM - Tasmanian Orchid Society
TOS - Taiwan Orchid Society
TTOS - Trinidad and Tobago Orchid Society
VIC - Victorian Orchid Club
SOOS...Southern Ontario Orchid Society
COOS...Central Ontario Orchid Society
OSRBG...Orchid Society of the Royal Botanical Gardens
OOS...Ottawa Orchid Society
COC...Canadian Orchid Congress
LOS...London (Ontario) Orchid Society

I am a member of the first four.

two more major Australian societies...

OSNSW - Orchid Society of New South Wales
OSCOV - Orchid Societies Council of Victoria

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