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Peloric keiki
Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
Hello all,
New World Orchids is going to be speaking at the Northeastern NY Orchid Society April 4th (near Albany, NY) and then the next day at the Central NY Orchid Society near Syracuse, NY. Dr. Glenn Lehr will be bringing plants to sell, and is accepting pre-orders. Anyone in this area that would like to check out his presentation and buy his specialty plants, we would love to have you visit our clubs. He sent us this note about pre-orders (to his entire email list)


Well, it's that time of year again! The Japan Grand Prix is coming up and I will be going there and to several nurseries to look for Neofinetias and other orchids. I leave February*8 so please get your orders in well before then. The sooner you let me know what you want, the sooner I can have my friend Toshie try to find the plants - especially unusual and rare types.

I will primarily be shopping for varieties of*Neos, Sedirea japonica,*Dendrobium moniliforme & Sophronitis species. If you want Cymbidium varieties please contact me as we no longer import these for resale. Cypripediums & Calanthes are very difficult as they are already coming out of dormancy and do not travel well!

Please put down a price limit for each plant or for the order as a whole! Prices should be similar to plants on our current listings, but rare types can vary considerably.

Plants for Europe will be brought to England in June and shipped from there.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Dr. Glenn Lehr
New World Orchids
Wally Orchard of Oregon (originally from South Africa I believe) who grows and breeds disas will be speaking beginning of March at the syracuse, rochester and buffalo, ny area orchid clubs and also will be bringing plants to sell and taking post-orders (and pre-orders if desired). The first meeting is at cnyos on march 1st at 2pm, next on monday evening and the last on tuesday evening. Disas are spectacular orchids! Help our clubs out and satisfy your curiousity about disas and japanese orchids (and satisfy the urge to buy great plants!) at our meetings. It will get more difficult to get quality speakers as travel and all other expenses rise, so if you have to chance to be in the area, think about stopping by and buying lots of plants!

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