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There are some very talented artists out there who use Orchids as a subject. I wanted to share with you a painting I just bought from an artist named DeeJay. That isn't his full name, but to find that out you have to buy a print or painting from him. :)

Trust me, you will not be disappointed with anything you purchase from him. Here is a recent painting I purchased. I haven't had a chance to have it framed yet. I present to you Neofinetia falcata var. syutenno by DeeJay.



I own about 300 pieces of original art, signed lithographs and prints. I can honestly tell you that this painting is now in my top three favorite paintings. You can see DeeJay's website here... http://www.orchidartist.x2cms.com/

I have commissioned a second painting, and I am hoping DeeJay will post here and give us a preview and tell us a little more about his art.
That's amazing. I can't even imagine the talent required to do that. Just look at all those perfectly drawn crisscrossing leaves, petals, nectaries, and stems. Just amazing.
When you see it in person, it takes your breath away. There are imperfections on some of the leaves just like a real plant would have. No detail has been overlooked, right down to the semi-transparent look of the root tips.
Ah-ha! I knew it had to be you....
first a Neo, then mysteriously, Deejay's working on a new one of besseae?

I love the Neo, I followed that thread over at OSF and was fascinated by the progress and method used. I can't wait to see the next one!

Congratulations DeeJay, you are most talented (I saw your work in Orchids Magazine a few months ago as well).
SlipperFan said:
Excellent work, indeed!
And that from somebody who does excellent work, herself...

I wish I had even one iota of talent when it came to art. I can barely design an orchid exhibit, and there the plants do most of the work.