Oncidium Jiaho Queen "Jiaho"

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May 29, 2011
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southern Indiana
This clone has a GM/TOGA and, I believe, an FCC/AOS. I purchased it two? years ago with just a few flowers, but it grows like a weed and this year it has 29 flowers. Individual flowers measure about 4 x 5 cm. I cannot capture in a photo how dramatic this display of flowers is. It grabs your attention from across the room. If you ever get a chance to buy one of these, go for it. Mike


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You will not find it under “Oncidiums”. It is properly a “Gomesa”.
But yes indeed, it got an FCC/AOS in May of last year.
Back in 2019, the grex got its first two awards, an AM and a FCC in May. But I would tend to agree with you. Any plant, species or hybrid, with 3 awards, 2 of them FCC’s would be special in just about every ones mind!