Onc. Jiaho Queen "Jiaho" GM/TOGA

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May 29, 2011
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southern Indiana
I suspect many of you are familiar with this plant, but I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago and purchased it immediately. The photo does not do justice as the coloration is striking and catches your attention from across the room. I suspect we have been genetically tuned to be aware of this type of aposematic coloration. Mike
Jiaho Queen reduced.jpg
Might it have come from Seattle Orchid? I keep seeing it there and liking it. What are the species that go into it?
The tag doesn't say Seattle Orchids and the only additional information is SG263 on the end of the tag. I suspect these are available from many sources, as I see that both Norman's and Hausermann's sold them at one time. I don't grow many oncidiums, so these were new to me. I just can't get over how it grabs you visually. I hope it does well in my greenhouse. Regarding parents, a quick search shows Mulattas x varicosa. I am not familiar with the former. Mike