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This is Odonticidium Tiger Crow 'Golden Girl' HCC/AOS. Sorry folks, Heather is first in line for a division of this one. :evil:

Feel free to post pics of your oncidium intergenerics here. I have a couple more blooming soon.
Well, I for one, love onc intergenetics. Yes, they grow fast and get big, but they are easy, the variety is wonderful, they last a long time, and they look wonderful with my other blooming orchids. And speaking of divisions, here is an orchid where that's NO problem at all! Yea oncs!

And that's a nice one Phrag.
I have to admit that I like them too:eek:

But I get them mostly for my wife so that I can get more stinky Bulbos:evil:

This one is very pretty.
Don't listen to Heather. She obviously didn't read the title of this thread! :poke:

Wow, there are acutally Oncidium Intergeneric Lovers here????
Add me to the "Oncidium Intergeneric Lovers" list. I have 3 in bloom now and the blooms seem to last forever.
These are the ones which are in bloom now. Sorry about the large pictures. I tried to resize them and it didn't work this time.
Vuyl. Aloha Sparks Ruby Eyes' --------------------------- Mtssa. Triple Lip


Vuyl. Aloha Passion Hof # 1
Ron, yours is cool. The lip is different in shape, and it also has more spotting on the lip. I just looked at mine to see if all the blooms are the same. They are, except for one. The bloom in the photo I posted at the beginning of this thread has very small red spots on the lip. The rest of the blooms feature a solid yellow lip with no spotting.

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