Odtna. Susan Bogdanow 'Purple Rain'

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A first time bloom for my baby! I got the 2.5" pot this spring, repotted to a 3", it has 2 bulbs & 2 new starts. The actual color is more purple, sooner or later I'll get it right with the new camera!
Very nice, Rose

You must treat it well for it to bloom on such a young plant.

I love the oncid. alliance plants but the problem with them is they grow so fast and so quickly they are large plants. I find it difficult to divide them, I like to see the big plants in bloom, and I allow them to become monsters.
Thanks all! It's really a toss up for me as to how the oncid. alliance will do, I either got it right, or got lucky ...... maybe some of both! I was really surprised to see it spike this soon. It's on the bottom shelf in the GH, it has an eastern exposure, so it's in shade from noon on. I have it in a well draining bark mix, dries between waterings & has good air circulation. I took the pics of the one single flower & snipped it off! It can only get better so let it put it's energy into growing seeing it is a small plant (about 10" tall). I hope as it matures it continues to like what I'm doing!