NOT fischerii

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Apr 12, 2014
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Been growing this with the label of fischerii from small seedling... blasted 2 years in a row... finally flowered...

nice Hanne Popow? or maybe Manzur la Aldea?

definitely like it, just would love to know what it actually is... <sigh> 'NDL' ;IMG_2547.jpgIMG_2548.jpg-)
With a hybrid like this, unless you can track down the provenance from the seller to the breeder, then it's not really possible to say with any degree of certainty which specific hybrid it is. It's going to mostly be "your guess is as good as mine" if you're comparing educated guesses from folks who are familiar with this line of breeding.

I will say, that the foliage is definitely atypical of anything in the schlimii complex, so if you have others with similar labeling, then you can determine definitively that they are a hybrid.