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Non-slipper Orchids to trade

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
I've got to make some room and have some plants to trade. What I've got:

Several assorted sizes of C. Marjorie Hauserman 'York' AM/AOS I don't have a photo of the bloom, so google, please. Large white flower with a yellow throat. Not a huge standard type, so would be good for small spaces. I bought a flask of these 4-5 years ago so have several.

C. Pradit Spot 'Black Prince' AM/AOS I imported a bunch of these from Thailand 4 years ago out of flask. A c. schilleriana hybrid. I can't keep them all. Assorted sizes. This is a great spotty catt. Google for bloom photos.

1 Pot. Hisako Akatsuka 'Volcano Queen' HCC/AOS NBS division, 4 growths. Google please.

1 division fo Epc. Charlie Brown. 2 older leafless growths, 4 newer growths. Will probably bloom next year. A division of this plant http://www.elkgroveorchids.net/images/epccharlie.JPG

What I want:
I have to be fairly picky due to space constraints. As far as cattleyas go, the spottier the better. I'm also open to any epicatts I don't already own. The only dendrobiums I'm into are species or primary hybrids. I'm open to any paphs I don't already have. I'm NOT interested in any phals or no names. Send me a p.m. and maybe we can work something out.
Wait a sec, Candace..... did you steal that photo from Owens Orchids :poke:
A couple of the plants are gone, a couple are on hold until the weekend. I still have some C. Marjorie 'York' available.
non slipper orchids for sale

Good Morning,

I Don't Have Any Plants To Trade, Would You Consider Selling
The Catts ??

Thanks For Your Time.


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