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My name is Judith and I live in central Utah. I have abt 10 phals, 1 paph (bought at a local orchid show) just coming into bloom with two blooms :drool: and a few catt types that are not doing so well.

The paph is a cross of Starr Wars "Eureka" and Hsirying Laio "Red Wine", so not sure what color it will come out. What is showing looks to be dark red.

My growing areas are small in a north and a south window. The phals are in the south window, except for 1 which is in the north window and will stay there as it has bloomed for the last two years and has a spike this year.

I are going to add more paphs in the north window. I am going to POE in San Francisco in February and hope some of you can tell me which are the best vendors that will be at POE to pick up some phals and paphs (bulldog if possible because I like the shape).

Also any suggestions on how to keep them warm in the car driving back (a two day trip) would be a great help.

Thank you
Hi Judith!

Are you getting the snow today? Looks like the west is getting slammed this year! Brrr....

I would guess your Paph might actually be 'Eureka' x 'Hsinying Laio' (a well known paph grower uses the Hsinying clone quite abit).

You might want to think about the Paphs using more of the South facing window, but it will depend upon what type of Paphs you like. I don't grow the complex bulldogs but many here do so they will be able to give you better light advice than I, but I wanted to chime in as an excuse to say hello. :)
Hi Judith, and welcome.

I tend to agree with Heather about using the South window for complex Paphs.

About travel -- as long as your car is heated, the plants should travel OK. It's not a good idea to leave them in the car at night or during food stops if it's very cold out. Better to put them in brown bags, covered, and take them inside with you.

We did not get any snow but Cedar City got 18" and Denver is going to get clobbered again.

Thanks for the advise on light conditions for the complex paphs. Not considering complex paph only but just one or two in addition to others. So will have room in south window for them.

As for leaving the plants in the car overnight, it was never thought of. We will be stopping for the night and the plants were definitely going in with us.

Any advise on purchasing and transporting plants at the show?
save purchases till end of day?
will venders hold plants purchased earlier?
take plastic bags for plants and carry them around?

I have never been to a large orchid show and am not sure what works and what does not.

Any advise about the whole experience would be most welcome.


I usually bring bags and a large plastic tub or cooler to transport my plants to and from shows. Most vendors will hold plants for you.
I grew up in Salt Lake City. Where in central Utah are you?

Anyway, how are you managing the humidity, or lack thereof? Utah is awfully dry...
Thanks for the info on the vendors, that really helps.

Scott, I live in Payson, about 60 miles south of Salt Lake. We are dry but humidity trays really help, as do small fans set on the trays.
I would also add, since this is a big show, if you go looking for certain plants in particular, check out the sales area first and have the vendors hold your plants. Then you can relax and enjoy the show. I almost always go to the vendors area pronto upon arrival. If you want to wait until the end of the day (or end of the show for bargains) just know that you might not find what you are looking for.

Also, if you like the looks of complex paphs, you might also like the brachypetalums (bellatalum, niveum, etc.) They bloom on quite small plants so they a good choice if you don't have too much room. They also take a bit less light than some of the large multiflorals. *disclaimer, I don't grow any brachys, only big multis so I might not be the best one for cultural advice on them...;)
You will need a phrag there too Judith

welcome -- this is a great place to learn ,talk , or just listen - we all started where you are - just one paph - then it happens enjoy your plants

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