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Eric Muehlbauer

Here is my latest tank addition, my first in a long time, a purplae tang. I also added a Hippopus clam, but the photo is blurry...Take care, Eric
Awesome! Are those zoas in the bottom right??
Just got back from the frag tank, and I think a bigger tank is definitely in my future. The best part, the door prize I won was a 150w Metal Halide so I now have good prop tank lighting!

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Yes, those are zooanthids...they came free on live rock. At one point they were a plague in my tank, I even tried (unsuccessfully) injecting them with vinegar like aiptasia...but in the last few years they have become well behaved. Take care, Eric
I could only dream that my zoanthids would take over the tank, unfortunately the larger polyped ones I collect seem to grow much slower. I would love to see more pics of them, they are like the orchids of the reef to me. I haven't tried vinegar before, but I did zap a couple zoa polyps with a very strong kalk mix and they lasted all of about a day. The mushroom I zapped with it shriveled up and looked like it was dying, but I think I just made it mad.

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Thanks!!! But I'll tell you, zooanthids can be a major their worst, they were interfering with the expansion and growth of the stony the past 2 years they have receded, still present, but deferring to other growth in the tank...whew! Take care, Eric

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