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May 31, 2007
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Belleville Illinois
well I made it back from Windy Hill Gardens and I left with only 10 new seedlings

Maxillaria Picta
Bulbophyllum Melting Point
Bulbophyllum Boon Bryson x Echinolabium
Phrag Rosalie Dixler ' Alexa' AM/AOS x Besseae 'Black Falls' AM/AOS
Phrag (Red Lightning 'Windy Hill' HCC/AOS x Grande 'Windy Hill' 4N)
Paph Alice Barrios
Paph (Venustum var album 'Lemon Twist' x Carole Kroeger 'Algoquin' AM/AOS)
Paph Prim Susan
Paph Sukhakulli
Paph (Addicted Phillip 'Windy Hill HCC/AOS x Primulinum 'Windy Hill')

what a great person to visit with and some awesome plants....LOL guess I will save up so next time I can buy some blooming size plants
pictures of the seedlings I bought or pics of her orchids in her greenhouse....LOL either way I do not have either at this point.....guess I did not know having a cam was a intergal part of growing orchids LOL guess I will have to invest in one soon.....when my first plant blooms ROFL
Nice selection. That must have been a real treat to vist there. I envy you.
Great plants there........and some that I haven't even heard of which makes them even more intriguing for me.