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Jun 25, 2012
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He is coming home next month and we are going to name him Leo. He is a Lhasa Apso from the same breeder whom we got his older sister Maggie(14+ years old now) from....can't wait to meet him!


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Chew marks a-comin'
I am sure Maggie will show Leo her chew marks ...and that wasn't the only concern, soon after we made the payment, I began to worry about how to take care of Leo when he or we all get older...:oops:
Leo's first snow(photo by his "nanny")...he is six months old now........oh, baby has a set of nuts but soon they will be gone.o_O
On a sad note, his sister Maggie is no longer with us...RIP, Maggie, you will be always in my heart. We all miss you, baby girl.


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So Leo is going to get “tutored” soon?
He is so spoiled is just useless🤣 ...He eats like a pig, with no table manners. Hopefully, after we fix him, he will behave better....just be fair, he is a super sweet boy and he has not torn down the house yet.
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remember the Cesar dog food commercial? That is how fast Leo eats his meals.🤣 then he belches.

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