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OK; here is a new primary hybrid to guess. Now this is one that no one has seen before.

One of the parents is pretty easy to guess. One of the drawbacks of using this parent is obvious in the photo. The first flower that gets formed, usually does not stick above the foliage too well, so when it gets formed it gets squished between the leaves. :sob: That is why the pouch is kind of flat. Usually after the first flower 1 to 3 flowers get formed that are normal. (Unfortunately I don't have a picture of a normal flower yet).


concolor x adductum?

Quick somebody register it before it becomes Woessner ConcoAdd
As a hint, no one has yet given the right combination, but the 2 parents have been named (with the wrong combination), so now it is a matter of combining the 2 right parents!

Shadow said:
roth x adductum
that would be Paph Johanna Bernhardt definately not!!! I would have guessed Paph. adductum x bellatulum but obviously it is not, and it doesn't look like Paph. Deejay Original wich is concolor x adductum Let me think more.
glaucophyllum x sanderianum. I hate what glaucophyllum does to crosses, and I kind of hate this one, so I just have this gut feeling :) And it looks like it was pretty before the evil glauco got a hold of it, thus I think sanderianum. Though I will say the color made me think a bit of one of those red bellatulums.

Case in point, re ugly glauco mix (I unfortuantely own this, even though this isn't my flower) Paph (bellatulum 'Freese' x moquettianum).jpg