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Well I'm pretty excited by the new plants I received today, it's the first of 3 orchid orders I hope will arrive by friday. It's that time of year (Spring) when I start buying again (although I won't be getting anymore than the 3 orders)........there is also a photo below after I have potted them all up in CHC. I don't use anything else.

Paph Golddollar (primulinum var album x armeniacum var album)
Paph micranthum x vietnamense
Paph Norito Hasegawa 'Playfull' x micranthum 'Foxy'
Paph Fanaticum 'Landsdale' AM/AOC x micranthum 'Foxy
Paph Chocolate Shot 'Hot Dip' x (Kimberley Szabo x Kerry Ann) 'Birthday Present'
Slc Fairyland 'Murumatsu' (Qty 2)
Pot Free Spirit 'Lea' x Sc Mem Ellen Littman 'C.C.'
Slc Mine Gold 'Corona'
Slc Mango Spice 'John' x Sc Mem Ellen Littman 'Deborah'

Thanks guys, they are very healthy and I was more than impressed with the roots on the Paphs. Coming into summer I hope to see a lot of growth.

It is exciting to get new plants........second order arrived today. I only received 6 plants this time but very happy with them.......

Lc Mari's Song 'CTM-217' x Slc Tangerine Jewel 4N (2)
Slc (Bright Angel x Jillian Lee) x Tangerine Jewel 4N
Sc Royal Beau 'Prince' AM/AOC
Pot Dal's Emperor x Sc Royal Beau (2)

The last order arrived:

C. Princess Bells 'Betty's Bouquet' AM/AOS x Sc Lana Coryell 'Deborah' AM/AOC (2)
Sl Orpetii 'Roy' x Lc Mini Purple 'No. 1' AM/AOC (2)
Slc Tangerine Jewel 'Southern Cross' (4N) x Blc Waianae Leopard 'Bette' (2)
Blc Cunyeah 'Good Life No. 1'
C. Walkeriana var Alba 'Byron Bay'


They all look great, the one that's unpotted is massive and needs a large pot to grow in. That's fine but I worry about the middle of the pot staying wet too long. What do you think? It's probably close to 12 inches across.
c. walkeriana

You might want to plaque the walkeriana-just give it bright light and keep it humid.
Yeah I'm considering mounting it but the roots have grown in such a way it makes it difficult.

Hey I had two more plants arrive today and they are:

Coelogyne usitana
Paph vietnamense

Both very small plants but I'm particularly excited about the first one, it looks promising.
Yeah apparently there have been some really stunning plants around so I'm hopefully it grows well. A new growth on the plant as well which is just developing. It might take a couple of years though.

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