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Grandma M

I tried to send a photo of the group but Photobucket isn't working.

New purchases

Phrag wallisii 'Tower Grove' AM/AOS X Super Rubies 'Orchid' Babies HCC/AOS
Phrag Inca Fire 'Orchidbabies' AM/AOS X Sunset Glow 'Twilight' 4N AM/AOS
Phrag Cahaba Sunrise (Sunset Glow 'Twilight'4N AM/AOS X richteri 'Twister)
Phrag walllisii 'Tower Grove' AM/AOS X self
So this was the orchidbabies purchase, oouuu.... nice! I'm a little disappointed you didn't post a pic of that darling new bulbo IN BLOOM you have!

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