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John M

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Jun 7, 2006
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Hamilton, Ontario - Canada
Orchid availability list - May 2016

John Marcotte
Hamilton, Ontario
[email protected]

Sorry. Shipping within Canada only.

Arundina graminifolia
BS - $30.

Ascocenda Princess Mikasa 'Charlie' (blue)......$100.00
This plant is currently working on 3 new basal keikies.
It will be a spectacular, multi-growth specimen in no time!
As you can see from the number of old flower spikes,
it Blooms and blooms and blooms!

Barkeria melanocaulon 'Selasphorous Jewel' CHM/AOS - BS
A very delightful, high quality and reliable clone of this species.*
Blooms at the top of the main stem, then repeatedly on
later developing side branches.
Only one mother plant - my last piece
of this special cutie! - $100.00

Bc. Pastoral 'Innocence' AM/AOS
NBS division - $45.

Blc. Apricot flare 'Owens'
x Blc. Goldenzelle 'Frank Smith'
NBS - $30;.......BS - $45

Blc. Momilani Rainbow 'The Gypsy' - NBS - Established, 2 growths;
plus a new start - propagation division of this stunning, large-flowered Catt*
- $25.

Cattleya intermedia v. Tipo*
2 or 3 growth BS divisions - $45

Cattleya intermedia v. alba 'S.A.M.'
BS* division - $100.

Cattleya intermedia v. Amethystina 4N 'Hawaii' - BS, 3 growth division including 2 lead growths - a VERY "high-end", rare colour selection of this easy to grow and easy to bloom species!* This clone produces some of the largest intermedia flowrs that I've ever seen - $200.00

Cattleya intermedia 'Simon Marcotte'*
2 growth division of this incredible, high quality, large flowered,
choice clone - $200.00.** (NEVER before offered!)

Cattleya gaskelliana v. alba 'Charlie'
Large seedling-sized propagation of this very choice clone - $100.

Cattleya Lawre-mossiae v. coerulea
Awesome blue!
Large seedling - $25
Large, BS plant with 4 leads - $100.

JM16: Cattleya loddigesii 'Perfect'
x jenmanii v. Fantasia 'Charlie'
- 3"+ strong seedlings - $25.

JM22** Lc. Mildred Rives 'Orchidglade' FCC/AOS*
x* Cattleya intermedia* v. orlata 'Rock Candy'
- strong seedlings - $25.

JM25** Lc. Mildred Rives 'Orchidglade' FCC/AOS*
x Cattleya lawrenceana 'Moti Porat'
- beautiful 3"+ seedlings - $25.

JM24** Cattleya walkeriana v. coerulea 'Manhatten Blue'
x Cattleya lawrenceana 'Moti Porat'
- beautiful 3"+ seedlings - $25.

Cattleya walkeriana v. coerulea 'Cho-Jo'
BS divisions - established in 4" clay pots - fragrant!
- $50 to $100.
---Also, JM21 - 'Cho-Jo' x self - small seedlings,
established in 2" clay pots - $25.

Cattleya walkeriana v. alba 'Pendentive' AM/AOS
BS divisions - fragrant! - $65.*

JM20** Cattleya walkeriana v. coerulea 'Cho-Jo'
x Cattleya lawrenceana 'Moti Porat'
- beautiful 3"+ seedlings - $25.

Cattleya loddigessii 'Perfect' - BS (division).***
The very best of this speices! - $150.

Cattleya intermedia v. Orlata 'Rock Candy'.* BS division
of this incredible stud plant - prolific breeder! - $150.
---Also, JM19 - large seedlings of this clone x self - $25.

Cattleya intermedia v. Orlata-punctata
Colour similar to above; but, with a LOT of
speckles on the sepals and petals as well.
4 bulbs - BS - $45.

Cattleya gaskelliana v. Tipo 'Carlisle'*- BS*- 7 bulbs; 4 with a flower sheath.
A VERY choice clone - Whole plant $350.* Or, half the plant - $200.
A super plant you'll look forward to blooming each summer!

Cattleya Korat Spots 'Green Spot' - BS divisions - $35.
- looks like aclandiae on steroids - Fragrant

Cattleya percivalliana - NBS - 2 to 3 growth divisions.*

Cattleya leuddemanniana v. tipo
BS division - $45.

Cattleya maxima
NBS to BS $35.

Cattleya forbesii
This big plant is constantly in bloom!
BS divisions - $60.

Cattleya percivalliana v. semi-alba 'Charlie' - NBS propagation division.*

Please see part #2.....

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