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    Hamilton, Ontario - Canada
    Potinara Marion Smith 'Crystelle' AM/AOS - NBS to BS
    - golden yellow clone - Krull-Smith breeding - $35

    Promenea xanthina 'Sheila'
    small BS division of this clumping miniature species
    - A very good clone! - $30.

    Promenea ovatiloba
    BS divisions - $20

    Sobralia macrantha 'Charlie' -* This was purchased in the early 90's as Sobralia macrantha; but, I have my doubts.* The lip is not oversized, as you normally see in macrantha.* However, whatever the name, it's a very vigorous grower/bloomer that readily produces a succession of medium sized, gorgeous, very Cattleya-like, mauve/pink flowers that last 3 or 4 days each.* BS divisions - $45*

    Sobralia macrantha v. alba
    BS division - $150.

    Sobralia sanderiana
    BS - 8 mature growths plus 7 new growths - Good grower and reliable
    bloomer - huge, Cattleya-like flowers - a rare find! - $150.

    Spathoglottis gracilis
    small BS division - $45

    Stanhopea wardii - dark yellow.* small BS division.**

    Stanhopea embreei - BS division.*

    Stanhopea panamensis - BS division.*

    Thunia marshalliana 'New Life' AM/AOS
    BS single cane - in bloom now.* My last piece - $75. (actual flowers)

    Vanda Sansai Blue - BS - Tall plants with leafless stems on lower half.*
    Regularly priced at $60.* Sale - $20.

    Vanda Lumpini Red x coerulea (pink)
    BS - Large, hanging plants with terminal tips; but, with side-shoots now emerging.*
    Regularly priced at $60.00* -* Sale: $20.


    Dragon Fruit Plants - A type of epiphytic Cactus.*
    Flowers are up to 10" across and fragrant! - Very large seedlings (BS?) - $10.
    * ***
    Anthurium -* small BS divisions*- Large, mature plants will produce giant, red(!), long-lasting blooms.* This clone blooms all year long in the greenhouse; even during the dull, short days of winter!* Great cut flowers!* $25.

    Clivia miniata - BS divisions of this seldom seen, evergreen,
    low light loving, free blooming tropical lily
    - small: $25;* large: $50.*

    Gloriosa Lily (Gloriosa rothschildiana)
    A vining lily with GORGEOUS flowers that
    open mostly yellow - then develop more red until
    the bloom is completely red.
    Easy to grow.* BS tubers -$20.

    Impatiens niamniamensis (aka: Parrot Flower)
    BS - rooted cuttings - super easy to grow.
    Blooms all year 'round.* - $5; extra large - $10*
    Hummingbirds LOVE them!

    Sinningia cardinalis - small BS - $10.

    Cactus (Prickly Pear).* Hardy outdoors.* NBS seedlings.
    A true Cactus that produces beautiful blooms and juicy, edible fruits.**

    Black Mission Fig tree - Rooted cuttings ~about 2' to 3' tall.* This tree is root hardy outdoors without protection (new growth reaches about 8' high before the frost kills it down again).* Leaves grow to enourmous size!** It is fully hardy with protection.* 'Makes a nice house plant too!* Old wood and new wood produces delicious, Black Mission Figs! - $20.

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