New Phrag. kovachii hybrid Phrag ‘Susan Decker’

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That's right...
yes, Littlefrog
You guys need to be there, "on site" to be able to really judge, not the photograph, but the plant.
I agree that it could be just an HCC, almost happened that. I was told the first scoring for the judges was 79.2, then they returned to everybody so finally the plant could reach 80 plants.
It really does not matter. What was important was to get the FIRST AWARDED to have at least any "standards" to judge the next hybrids coming, wich is goin to be an "AVALANCHE". mORE THAN 25 HYBRIDS HAVE BEEN PRODUCED AT LEAST AT CJM ORCHIDS IN PERU, SOME OF THEM ARE ALREADY BLOOMING and the plants are growing with a very experienced team in several places in the US The breeding program started in Lima 4 years ago.
Have a good week
Isaias...was that photo taken at Redlands? I only saw the the flower in person yesterday as it was being unpacked from the shipping box. Personally, I thought the one at GNYIOS was better quality but it had been in a box. The second bud is currently blooming on the plant that was displayed at the NY show and I think it is much nicer. I will have to take a photo of it.
Please do photograph and post
Thanks Ron
...and yes, that photo was at Redlands
Please do photograph and post
Thanks Ron
...and yes, that photo was at Redlands
acording to Glen he agrees that the flower was better at the NY Show. Judges...judges...well you never know when it takes a new hybrids phrag specially with all this controversial issues.

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