New paph in low bud!

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I got some slippers yesterday!
Would you guys like to guess what it could be from a photo? It's in low bud, and it's from a division. There are two new fans growing, as well. :) It is a species.
I've seen some threads with people naming/guessing paphs by the bud; I think that it's crazy that you guys can do that! Let me know if it's impossible, or if you need more hints.

The other two slippers I got were:
*Paph. Saint Swithin (rothschildianum 'Nextel' x philippinense 'Ching Hua #31' SM/TPS)

*Paph. philippinense ('Alfred' x 'Dr. Jones') two growths!

The Swithin came from Orchid Inn, I believe. They used a dark phil. with long petals. :) The roth is from Japanese breeding? I'm not sure what it will look like, but I guess I got a Swithin... I'm still after a P. Berenice though.
I think that the philippinense species I got is from Hilltop's breeding; I also cannot find any info on the cultivars.
Anyways, yes I will be putting up more T5 lighting soon. They're under a 39W bulb, by a south window. :) My phone makes the area look darker, sometimes.
Yep. :clap:

I got some new orchids from the orchid show...
3 of them being seedling slippers.

1.) Tag says: Paph Taida Glaucothum (micranthum x moquettianum) .. Not sure which to go by, but it should be similar either way. :)

2.) Tag says: Acker's Superstar 'MVP' AM/AOS x Hanne Popow 'Jersey' AM/RHS
I couldn't find that cross online, but I found Acker's Superstar 'MVP' 4N AM/AOS x Mem. Dick Clements 'Rocket Flash' 4N.. Either way, it's going to be pretty cool. Can't be that bad if it has besseae in it, right Eric? :poke::D

3.) Paph Stone Eridans (haynaldianum x Lady Isabel FCC/AOS)

I know, I know... I just like to search the cross/names to see what they might look like in several years.