New paph and phrag hybrids finally available!

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Jason Fischer
Aug 26, 2006
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As many of you may know, I had mentioned that we had TONS of new paph and phrag hybrids to list. Well, I'm still in the middle of it, but I have already added several crosses to the website. These are all crosses made here at OL by myself and Robert. All of these plants are well established seedlings, or in many cases blooming size when they are listed at 3.25" pots (with the exception of multi-florals).

I'm still working on a list to post here later, but for now, you can search by our 'Advanced Search' option. Simply click the 'Advanced' text next to our 'Go' button, then use the drop tab of 'Added to Inventory In:' and select 'This Month' and hit search. You will see several plants listed, and that list will keep growing. The only issue I'm having is plants listed as 'Sold Out' (such as Paph. Macabre), which I now changed to available will not show up on the recently added lists as the sold out page pre-existed... oh well!

When I returned from Japan in late 2003, I began breeding with our paphs and phrags along with Robert, to create new hybrids (and re-makes of classical hybrids) for the future of the business. I'm glad to say we have had great success in germination and growing of these plants, and we will see many new things bloom in 2008! Feel free to ask questions about any of the hybrids. When I finish updating, I will be adding pictures of the actual parents used when applicable as many of these are new hybrids.

Best wishes,

Jason Fischer

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