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Jan 22, 2008
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elmer, nj
last fall or previous fall someone found spiranthes magnicamporum, the great plains ladies tresses, in ontario. this is quite a bit east of where it has normally been found. this prompted another searcher to look in northern ny state and in two places it was found. last weekend some of us converged on chaumont barrens to try and find it, and we did find a few though not larger or numerous. it was windy, rainy and sunny all at the same time. the company was very nice and we botanized with mike hough who is a state botanist

I have been catching up on my sleep after driving 14 hours this weekend and just managed to get my pictures downloaded from my camera. the 5D has larger image files and download veeeeeeery sloooooowly...............


... okay, so it's a little big! I uploaded a full-sized image for those who requested I take some identification pics for them. i'll have other small and large pics here likely tomorrow night. sleepy time now
:rollhappy: yes when I do things from my phone a lot, the pictures usually scale to the screen. Not so on the computer! This was faster than uploading to Dropbox which wasn't working from the laptop last night
Nice find Charles.

Let me know if you will be close to my home soon.
Or call me after 3. Thanks.

It sizes up on my phone.
On laptop, just silly size.

I got a Samsung galaxyiii I think. Don't quote me.
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That's exciting! Finding a new population of a target species can be pretty tricky. Even with locality data from herbaria, I frequently fail!
Thank you Ray,

I guess I streamlined the intro a bit; one of the two places that researchers looked for magnicamporum was chaumont barrens. So, we found it in a spot where we'd generally been told to look :) so we didn't discover it (just to keep the record clear)

another interesting thing is that this species is listed as having what is called a very 'lovely vanilla fragrance'... which it has! even with small flowers it smells very nice. often other forms of what is called spiranthes cernua can have very nice fragrances but maybe a more almond-like fragrance. some have a bit of a pungent aroma so you can tell them apart (though the cernua complex collects genes from other species so 'it' can smell differently or not at all