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have you seen a photo?
nothing shows in my searches. Alex .Here I am watching my phrags suck up water like no tomorrow,and I want a heat loving thing like a caudatum,just to complicate matters?
I think Besseae is morphologically different than Dessandroi,with Dessandroi being the extendended drooping petals.That would be the reason to attempt a crossing with Caudatatum...not too conflicting,and all one would need is the change from wet to warm hybrid
I wonder if a primary Caudatum with dessandroi cross has been attempted.

It has been attempted and successfully so. It's Phragmipedium Point des Pas.

and would it prefer wet feet,or dry feet and warm?I

Temperature preferences will probably be on the intermediate side, avoiding extremes of heat and cold. As for moisture levels, the seedlings will be variable and fall in a spectrum. I would err on the side of caution and start out a bit on the dry side, watering them perhaps just slightly more frequently than a typical Paph, and avoiding water in the saucer. My experience is that most of these besseae/dalessandroi x caudatum group hybrids are okay with lots of water, but a not insignificant portion of the seedlings will be highly prone to rot if left soaking in water. If you get a compot, you can experiment a bit. If you get a single seedling, you just have to carefully assess.

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