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New Email from Wenqing Perner

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Jun 9, 2006
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Oak Island NC
"Dear orchid friends and customers,
In the attachments please find an order form and an introduction on our orchids that we would deliver to USA in Oct. 2017. Please feel free to pass them further to people who might have interest in. Please read the following information before you would like to place an order:
1,Order timing: As soon as possible. The latest is the 30th, Sep.
2, How to order: Please fill out the order form and send to [email protected] for confirming availability, price and postage cost.
3, How to pay: We receive your payment via money order, personal check or Paypal account, 5% commission fee would be added for Paypal use.
4, How to deliver: send via US priority parcel or any other means you wish.

I, Wenqing Perner, co-funder of Hengduan Mountains Biotechnolgy Ltd., China would like to use this opportunity to thank every one who has been giving us support, strength in the most difficult time after my husband Dr. Holger Perner's sudden passing away in April 2017. and hope could have your further supporting in the future.
Mrs. Wenqing Perner
Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology"


Illustrated Instruction on Hengduan Biotech Products for Oct 2017.pdf (includes plants)

Falsk list_Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology for Oct 2017.pdf

Hengduan Biotech Order Form Oct 2017.xlsx
Interestingly, Wenqing refers to my postings on henryanum christae from last year.
Just an update on them; they are budding now, and will Bloom some time in the following months. I am a bit uncertain how many though but all have several growths.

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