Cypripediu​m List_Hengd​uan Mountains Biotechnol​ogy 2015

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Nov 26, 2007
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From Wenqing Perner: If anyone would like the list, feel free to pm/email me (=> [email protected])



Dear friends and customers,
In the attachment file please find a price list for cypripedium in 2015. Please feel free to give this PDF file to anyone that might have interest in. Please read the following information before anyone would like to place an order:
1,Order timing: We ask for the order confirmation as soon as possible. The latest is 10th December 2014. The reason is the cypripedium seedlings growing in our high mountain nursery and need to be taken out before the soil gets frozen.
2, How to order: Please refer the PDF price list file, before you place an order. Please write to [email protected], or [email protected] for confirming availability, price and postage cost.
3, How to pay: We receive your payment via money transference to our bank in Euro in Germany, or in US$ via our Paypal acconunt [email protected], please notice that we do not share the bank transfer commission and if you pay by paypal, please add 3% commission fee, as paypal China charges us commissions and we share the cost with our customers.

4, How to deliver:

I, For customers who are in EU, we would deliver your order at the end of March 2015, When we go to Dresden Orchid Show in Germany or European Orchid Conference in London, after we confirm your payment. We send out our plants from Germany or England or you could pick up at the show site.
II, For the customers in America, we would take part in San Francisco Orchid Show held in February 2015. The preordered plants would be sent via US priority or be picked up at the show site.

The other orchids and flask list would come soon.
Mrs. Wenqing Perner
Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology