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Nov 26, 2007
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Luxembourg - Europe
I just got the list from Wenqing!!! Anybody interested can pm me or email ([email protected]) for the 43 pages long catalogue!!

Jean Th


Dear friends and customers,
In the attachment file please find the price list that we are going to offer at Dresden Orchid Show in March 2015. Please feel free to give this PDF file to anyone that might be interest in. Please read the following information before you would like to place an order:

1, How to order: Please refer the PDF price list file,and write to [email protected] for confirming availability, price and shipping cost.
2, How to pay: We receive your payment by cash, money transfer or via Paypal account: [email protected], please notice that if you pay via paypal, please add 3% commission fee, as paypal China charges us 6% commission, so we share the cost with our customer.
3, How to deliver:
I, Pick up at the show site and pay in cash.
II, For the customers who do not come to the show, we would bring your ordered items over and send via post.
4, For the customer who wishes a certain delivery time or CITES and Phyto documents for him/herself, the costs would be the plant cost+ handling & shipping. Please ask for details.

Other orchids price on request!

Mrs. Wenqing Perner
Hengduan Mountains Biotechnology


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