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This weekend I went to Peterborough International Orchid show and bought a whole load of stuff including 3 Neos (Benisuzume, Shutenno & Momohime), Sedirea japonica, Psychopsis Kalihii, Phal tetraspis 'C#1' plus the sollowing slippers

phrag . Jason Fischer
paph . tranlienianum
Paph. sanderianum
Paph. Greyi x sanderianum
Paph. Macabre x adductum

which means I now have a grand total of about 20 slippers. Just to think that only a few months ago I insisted they didn't do much for me :poke::eek:
same here.. i only had 1 slipper before and didn't really care about it.. after my helenae bloomed last december, i am HOOKED! just keep buying more and more paphs and phrags! :p
Some nice additions. Oh, and I know what you mean, we have aquired alot of slippers recently too!

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