Neo. Yodonomatsu - from LI Jane

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It’s a lovely reminder of Jane. We’ve lost some good ones over the years here…I miss Eric M. also….
Eric M. Was great too. I never met him but he was funny. I remember he mentioned that when his kids were babies he would sing them “inappropriate” lullabies. Funny guy

Jane was great too and i remember you were the one that put me in touch with her. I didn’t have the wherewithal to buy too many neos then and always managed to walk away with a few divisions after every visit. Also, by observing her greenhouse I was able to work these small seedling domes to what the neos need. It was much easier to observe because she had a smaller greenhouse and I was able to ask her questions on how it operated. It boiled down to a few things. Water, temperature, wind, and tight dry cycles. now figuring that out for my conditions was the trick

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