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Need help finding Poneorchis graminifolia

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I have asked all the bulb suppliers I could find online for tubers of Poneorchis graminifolia. I emailed Glenn at New World already. Can anyone think of a vendor who might have some of these for sale?

Your help is appreciated.

I have also seen this orchid spelled Ponerorchis graminifolia and Orchis graminifolia.
J&L Orchids had some in bloom, including var Suzuki at a show I was at last year. I asked about them, and she said they were planning on raising some. May be worth an e-mail. I've got pics of them on one of my photobucket accounts.

Also saw some for sale at a local garden place, Marvin's Organic Gardens. I believe they have a website.

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Thanks for the leads Jon. I was just about to place an order from J&L for another Japanese species, so I fired off another email asking about the Orchis.

Marvin's had them listed on the site, but I don't know if they will be able to provide what I want. They don't seem to do mail order, and they are selling them by the container, rather than the individual tuber. So I need to figure out how many tubers are in each container before I pay what they are asking.

Any other ideas?
J&L isn't carrying them currently. Marvin's is sold out. I sent an email to Troy Myers.

I understand why these things are hard to find. Most Japanese species are. But I have been amazed at how many garden centers are carrying these. They have all been sold out, because I am trying to purchase them late in the season, but I find it interesting.

Any more suggestions?
I don't think Tom is equipped to ship plants with CITES paperwork.

Plus the two other times I asked him about sending me something, he completely ignored me. It's an effective response.
I already contacted Siskiyou, and they won't have any for a year or more, if ever.

Thanks for the link to the Hardy Plant group. I will give them a shot.

I did find some for sale, and ordered four tubers. I am upset with these nurseries who sell one tuber for exorbitant prices. But they are an import so I guess they can justify it.

I am still looking for a cheaper source so I can get a few more tubers. These are so variable in color and markings that I won't know what I am buying until they bloom. That's part of the excitement I guess.

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