Native Cyp. parviflorums

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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
A friend of mine who happens to have a swamp on his property in W. Mass emailed me a few photos he took this morning.

I thought you all would really enjoy seeing these growing wild, I sure did! :)




They look REALLY happy, don't they?
More wild parviflorums

Great pics Heather. I love viewing Cyps in the wild - there's nothing like it. Here's some more pics. These were taken last year at the Wagner Natural Area just outside Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Here both vars. makasin and pubescens grow in great abundance.

The area is also rich in round-leaved orchid (Amerorchis rotundifolia) and carnivorous plants. Calypso bulbosa and Cyp passerinum are also supposed to grow there, but I haven't found any yet. If anyone is ever in the area, definately a place to check out!

Enjoy the pics,

Now reginae is one I've never seen in the wild before. It used to grow in some parts of western Canada but has become very rare. It doesn't grow in my area. If you go, be sure to post pics!
Arietinum is tiny, but for some reason it’s become my favorite Cyp. The best news is that each time I visit this patch there are far more…makes me happy to think of them thriving in an ideal situation far from road work. I’m tempted to share the exact location, but that doesn’t seem to be in anything’s interest! If you’re crazy enough about natives to plan a visit to Tobermory, Ontario though, PM me and plead your case (there are many orchids to be seen there in the two national parks). I wish I could go back again and catch the Cyp. reginae soon too, but it’s not going to happen this year—it was a 16 hour drive sandwiched between visiting friends and family in Michigan. Luckily I got lots of references for painting this time…exposed a couple rolls for arietinum alone.

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