My report from the BOS show.

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This was the first time I had my own display. It was PAPHS. only I called it PAPHTASTIC it got a lot of nice complements, I won two first & one third, one first was Paph. Leeanum the other was Paph. venustum he also received a special award the ERNIE GEMEINHART AWARD,
BEST PAPHIOPEDILUM IN SHOW. I was real happy, thanks for listening to me brag. Jim.


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I like your crystal etched ornament. Wish our society gave a similar award! Shoot, I'd even be happy with a mug or something I could actually use....Great job.
Dangit, I meant to have Wilda change it to the EnLightened Orchids Award. Oh well. Great job, Jim! Sorry I missed our show, but still got to see orchids this weekend.

Congrats! BTW what does BOS stand for?

Batavia Orchid Society. Batavia's a far, far western suburb of Chicago. Jim and I are members of that club. Great folks!!! If my son will only grow up faster so I can start going to meetings again.

A big heartfelt CONGRATS Jim! Wish I could have made it but Sunday we were experiencing freezing rain up by me. How was the new site? Was the show in the main building?
Hi Rose. The show was a great success. The vendors were happy. We were in the Cafe building.... Because it was a new location, we wern't sure of how many people we would get, and then there was the weather. We were so happy to have such a large crowd.... Thanks for asking... Jim

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