My (pricey) hall from orchid show

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Nice hall, can I ask who had the Paph. micranthum fma. album for sale?

Sam Tsui at Orchid Inn did. I bought all but 5 plants from him. I was really pleased because it seemed that the quality of his plants really improved.

What were the cichlids? Using water from a discus tank was Terry Roots' secret to great slippers.

Post pics of the Phrag and Micran Eub when they bloom.

They were shell dweller chichlids (Neolamprologus multifasciatus & N. breva) and other Tanganyikan cichlids, so they had hard water. An the Phrag fell over and the spike broke, also cracked 3 leaves... :mad:

Wow nice plants you got! What are the sandie parents?

The cross is Paph sanderianum x sub ('Jordyn' HCC/AQ/AOS x 'Dr. John' AM/AQ/AOS)

And to answer the question about the alba micranthum size:

It is in a 2 inch pot, I was surprised at how rigid the leaves are on the alba compared to the others. Do you guys think it is bloom size or NBS?