My piggie listing of plants I bought today....

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Jun 9, 2006
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Elk Grove, CA
Alright, please no haters. There have been many times I've been jealous of others plant purchases. I do have duplicates of a couple that I plan to bloom out, pick the one I like best and offer the other up for auction to support the forum. I will be spending the next few days repotting into s/h. Photos would be just plain mean, don't you think? :evil:

1 Anglocaste Olympus
5 NBS-BS Mem. B. Jernigan (compot)
4 NBS-BS Mem. B. Jernigan (compot)
1 NBS (Bianka ‘Chico’s’ HCC/AOS x Roth. ‘Laura Leann’ FCC/AOS)
5 large seedlings tigrinum ‘Jose’ x self (compot)
5 med/small seedlings tigrinum ‘Jose’ x self (compot)
1 B.S. parishii ‘Dry Creek’
1 B.S. maudiae x Tautzianum
1 in bud maudiae x Tautzianum
1 large seedling ciliore(sp?)
4 large seedlings primulinum v. purp. (compot)
2 med seedlings veniferum (compot) a callosum variety
1 B.S. Starling x Incantation
1 B.S. Mem. Larry Heuer (mal. ‘High Spirits’ x emersonii ‘Lorna’ AM/AOS)
1 B.S. liemiana
3 small seedlings malipoense (compot)
1 NBS Angel Hair
1BS Angel Hair
1 BS chamberlianum
1 BS tonsum x greyii
1 in bud tonsum x greyii
1 BS Milmore ‘Spanish Tile’
1 BS Emerald
1 BS Bel Royal
1 iffy roebelini x sanderianum
1 BS Mario ‘Fine War’
1 B.S. sukakulii
1 BS urbanianum
1 NBS haynaldianum ‘Woodbrook’AM x sanderianum
1 BS Luk luk
1 BS Pink Sky(Lady Isabel x delenatii)
3 large sangii seedlings
1 large seedling sukhakulii ‘Los Osos’ HCC x ‘Pozo’
1 BS Via Figueroa ‘Chico’s’ x Sand Hills
1 BS Kay Rinnaman ‘Amber Snow’ HCC
1 NBS Sanders Pride
1 BS Mem. Jack Tonkin ‘San Leandro’
1 NBS appletonianum
1 BS Olivia ‘Archie’
1 BS curtisii
1 BS curtisii alba
1 seedling curtisii alba
1 seedling tonsum alba
Did I read it wrong?
You buy all of these on one single day?
What a FANTASTIC list. Spending all day repotting these would be like opening Christmas gifts. :clap::clap: Want some help????????

Pictures would be great. :poke:

What was the occasion? Was there a big sale, or did you go to Parkside? Whatever it was it must have been loads of fun.
color me super jealous...
if you want someone to take that parishii off your hands, i'm your man! same goes for many of the other species...
enjoy your haul!
For those that missed the post, the Paph House was going out of business.
That haynald x sand sounds great .... as well as the tigrinums, Angel Hair, Larry Heuer, & I would have loved to get my hands on one sangii, let alone 3!
I don't hate you, just envy you!
Yes, repotting will be fun... Finding space for them even more fun! My local OS auction is on Weds. and I always open up some bench space by donating some divisions etc. so I will make the room.

I was just teasing about the hater thing, I know you guys want divisions someday, so you have to be nice to me!:poke::rollhappy:
have i ever told you how much of a positive roll model i've seen you as?
also, you look very nice today....
have i ever told you how much of a positive roll model i've seen you as?
also, you look very nice today....

Yup, they're all going in s/h...(Evil Laugh) MUUUHHAAAAA.

The sangii I put in s/h several months ago is a happy camper. The only ones I'm a little worried about are the tigrinum. I probably won't disturb their compot for a while since they look so happy.
So looks like after such a bargain "HAUL" you'll need to update your photo with an even bigger head. :rollhappy: (notice the color of this post..Candace:wink:)
I've been BBQing leca today and repotting. Yum, the scent of left over burger meat on the grill and primeagra. Great roots on all so far. I've probably gotten through 1/3 of them. I'm going to have to keep them isolated in my bath tub for a few weeks though, as I've got to treat for mealies. Hope noone gets sick and needs to soak in the jetted tub, 'cause it isn't going to happen:>

I also spent some time moving plants around to open up some bench space. Hope any forum members that live in a decent driving distance were able to go to the sale today.
grrrrrr mealies. i hate those little bastards with a passion.
I like Candace's avatar, btw. always makes me laugh, though I do picture her with more hair.
Candace has good breeding intentions with her new chids, should be exciting.

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