My monster kolopakingii var. topperi

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May 24, 2014
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Hong Kong, PRC
After one decade, I can finally successful to raise this tree from one growth to a big monster clump and it produces a total of 23 flowers to me this year. 8 flowers for 2 spikes each and 7 flowers for the remaining spike.

I wonder whether I can get a CCE on this plant under such condition. šŸ˜†


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To me it looks definitely in the CCE rangeā€¦. Well done!
Thanks for the encouragement! It is one of the first ever Paph species I acquired from the very beginning when I enter into the paphā€™s world, and itā€™s the only one that I have been preserving until now. (Others either go to haven or sold to others)

I have located the photo of the plant when I bought it in 2013.


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This situation when I say: I can belive if I could see this personally...unbelivable. Do give your kolo some kind of steroids???
It really is a big fine plant and great flowers. Wonderful! Great growing! I saw from your pictures, that you have also other Paphs blooming and some other orchids. There were one with orange flowers. Sorry to ask, but what does that LP mean?