My Mexipedium is blooming.

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Shadow said:
I see only one way to find the truth - to order "Windy Hills" and to compare. ;)

Okay! I did!

Update. ...

Last year in June I took my 'Oaxaca' to my society and it got a second place ribbon because it only had one spike.

This year, I took it last weekend and got a first and a grower's commendation ribbon for culture. 19 growths with three spikes. :D

So, I went to bonsai west and bought another pot, and then went to Marilyn and bought a division of 'Windy Hill'.

This is a great plant. Anyone who doesn't yet have one should get one and Marilyn LeDoux has a nice sale going on now. Go. Go! Buy one now! :poke:
Hey, thanx for the heads up I will try to get a large division this weekend. I should tell you however, Lien Luu has a GIANORMOUS pot of these!
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I received a teeny one of these in the post this morning too. SO excited :D Just hope I don't kill the little guy now.
Updated photo with four blooms open:

Thanx for the photos. You should show the whole plant. It looks to be doing well. I haven't had time to order mine from Marilyn yet, new OL hybrids and all. :)