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I posted this on the SOF first but i just found this forum so i thought i would join and see what's up here. Plus every slipper forum needs a cyp. fan!:clap:

flavum alba
reginae alba
Ulla Silkens

delenatii alba
magic lantern
snow squall
Lynleigh Koopowitz
Ho Chi Minh
vanda m. pearman
armeni white

pearcii x schlimii


Most of my cyps are younger because flasking i do myself(always looking for seed and trading of cyps.) and being a teenager money is a problem. But i do treat myself and get a few older plants that i use for seed and of course to see the blooms. My paphs are mostly BS and my phrag and mexi are BS. Any cultural questions on how I grow my slippers I would be happy to answer.
this really isn't a culture question, but wanna grow some of the cyps in my yard?
(i'm a funny guy, right?...)
How do you flask your own seed? What methods do you use and what is the success rate. I'd like to try to flask some seed and am always reading up on it. I actually saw a recipe in the Costa Rican orchid society that uses just bananas and something else. I'll get the recipe and post it later on.

Welcome cyp.!!! I would like to know how you treat your seedlings and your care conditions!!!! I lost all three I had and haven't tried to grow any more since then!!! Any tip on the potting materialand fertilising? Thank you...
Hi thanks for the comments. Sorry I can't offer pictures because no digital camera. Money is tight being a teenager and plus I would rather put my money towards more orchids and a shade house then a camera:p. It is selfish to not share pictures but i must have more orchids. If I had one this forum would be full of pictures. I flask mainly cyps. and other hardy terrestrial orchids so I can't be of much help for any thing else. But I use a homemade glove box to create a sterile environment and a special agar solution to germinate seeds in flask. If you want me to go into more detail about this I will, just private message me or email me. My success rate is good from flask and I would say any where from 70-99%. How I treat my cyp. seedlings is I put them in flats or pots for the first couple of years in my cool green house at 70 percent shade, a shady spot around the house, and even inside, under fluorescent lights for the first year will work. They are very tender at this age so I like to keep an eye on them, then once they are mature size I plant them in the garden. The media I put them in is a mixture of 50/50 coarse, vermiculite/Perlite and I change it every year and they are good in this until they reach mature size. Most cyps do not like to much sun and for seedlings this goes double and soil temp should never rise to high because these are cold loving plants. They should never completely dry out but never have them water logged. Then they need at least 3 to 4 months of cold dormancy in winter at about 35 F and this can be accomplished by putting them in the refrigerator, inside plastic bags with a few drops of water. I would always recommend getting older plants before seedlings because they are much easier to care for. As for materialand fertilising I have no idea what this is so if you would please enlighten me. If any thing needs clarifying please let me know because I did type this fast!:crazy:
Sorry,:eek: I typed late and fast last night after getting home from work. I already mentioned the coarse Perlite/ vermiculite mix above but i have been testing a mix of 2 parts perlite and 1 part turface that seems to also work but turface is harder to find then vermiculite. For fertilizer I use miracle grow at 1/4 strength, twice in the spring, then once in early summer so it is spread out during the main part of the growing season. Hope this helps! -Jeran
I added a few more slippers to my collection. I even went to the dark side and bought a phrag. I saw fischeri and I had to have it and most likely going to be adding a few of its hybrids soon to my collection. I went to my first orchid society meeting and meet some nice people especially Ross (paphreek) who gave me the ride there and introduced me to some people. I got to hear Glen Decker talk about kovachii which was very interesting. I picked up my fanaticum(in bud) and mem. larry heuer from Glen and bought my fischeri(in spike) from orchids limited after the metting. All in all a very good day because I learned about orchids, talked about orchids, bought some orchids, and what could be better!

New additions:

Joyce Hasegawa
Mem. Larry Heuer

I have a few more to add. The paphs were bought online. For the phrag I only planned to buy some potting medium at orchids limited because I was in the neighborhood which is rare so I had to stop, but I saw a schlimii in bloom and had to have it. In the end I walked away with two bags of medium and a phrag. But I suppose it could have been much worse with all the plants in bloom!


Armeni white x malipoense
Emersonii x sanderianum


Cypfreak - you showed ALOT of restraint! I don't think many of us could walk in OL & just buy one plant!
I was going to buy a couple of ghost orchids at first, Asian and American kinds. Then I saw a ton of phrag hybrids in bloom that I had to have. Then I got to see where they grew there cyps then was going to buy couple of them. Then I finally saw a schmilli in bloom so I finally made my mind and get one so I could get out of there before I bought them all!!! Plus I held restraint to because I was going to stop at another MN orchid nursery called Winsome Orchids, where I got a nice vanda.