Moving from GA to CA and orchid suppliers at the Bay Area

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I moved to the east bay area in CA about a week ago from GA (all my paphs survived in closed boxes, ~2.5 weeks in transit by a moving company; all 5 red besseae died; the 3 flavum seems to be recovering; the only one kovachii that I have is OK, it is recovering well). What I learned- ship all plants quite dry. It is amazing that ALL paphs survived (did not seem to be affected any how, considering they went through some states during the winter).

Well, as I have just settled down here, I have to get some supplies for my plants, does anyone know any local stores in the bay area where I can purchase fertilizers (MSU), oyster shells, and others (I will order supplies online if I cannot find any locally)? Also, any growers that I should visit?


Gotta change your "location" now, Leo. Hope you like it out there! Sorry to hear about the besseaes -- that's a bummer.
Most people buy supplies from a guy named 'Romeo' or as soon as possible get to know either Dennis Olivas or Tom Perlite (perlite's from Golden Gate Orchdis) They'll tell you how to get in contact with him. Perlite sells Orchiata bark.
You can get supplies from White Oak Orchids in Pacifica. Also the big POE is coming up in Jan. I think? And you can get all the supplies you need there.
lol now you can get your besseae for $10 each direct from OZ!
Leo, the POE is the Pacific Orchid Exposition, teh annual show for the San Francisco Orchid Society. Feb 23-26, largest show in teh area, everybody there is there.