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Jason Fischer
Aug 26, 2006
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NS 11.1 cm (same as the kovachii x besseae hybrid), petal width is 3.7cm when ruler is held flat against petal (didn't do that in the pic).

I've never seen one bigger. Unfortunately, the pouch was de-formed this time around, but it usually blooms without that problem. This is a 2nd flowering for this plant, and is about 30% larger than when it flowered last year.

This cross, (Eric Young 'Mont Millais' 4N x besseae 'Rob's Choice' 4N) was made by our own Dr. Robert Quene. Good job Robert!




Another great example of what besseae 'Rob's Choice' can do!
Heather said:
Mine's blooming for the first time Jason. Same cross, from you. The first bud was totally wonky, teeth all over the place and malformed, so I took it off cause I couldn't stand looking at it. :) However, I am hoping for great things from the next one!
Be very careful, Heather, when you try to snap the flower off the spike.
It may use those teeth to defend itself.:p
An AOS judge did point out that several have had larger NS, but that it is the width and color that make this particular one stand out. I've seen many of Chuck Acker's DW 3N plants bloom out very large, but without the same petal width or deep color.
I envy you Mr Fisher. As a hobiest I would like to grow and flower this magnificent cultivar. I like that bright color...
Is there any place where I can obtain these seedlings?
i'm with her!
enough air movement = no stakes!
i don't like stakes!
oh, wait a minute, one wouldn't see this hybrid out in nature anyways....
NYEric said:
You know I'm right! Just admit you're too busy. I thought you were getting rid of Phrags. Neos are less spce consuming.

Nah, I just don't like staking if I can help it. I realize I should but I don't like to. And yes, I am getting rid of the phrags but I wanted to see this one bloom. As I said above, if anyone is interested in it, let me know.

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